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“We have done this deep personal work ourselves...”

Please call us for a consultation:  505-982-8098
We are located in the St. Francis Office Park at 1223E S. St. Francis Dr. Santa Fe, NM 87505

At the end of 2006, each of us now here at Santa Fe Sage were therapists working individually in Santa Fe. Though we often consulted with one another, we discovered that uniting as a group would create a supportive environment in which to work, and allow us to deleop a cohesive team which could offer a wider spectrum of services to our clients. Soon thereafter Santa Fe Sage Counseling Center was born, and our office opened in early 2007. We moved to our current location in the St. Francis Office Park on October 1, 2010.

We have done this deep personal work ourselves...

While each of us is unique in our own way, we have submitted ourselves to our own inner work. We require ourselves to bring integrity in our roles as therapists and in our personal lives. As such, we are able to guide others on the journey to finding their own inner peace and wholeness. 

Our vision as therapists is to provide excellent counseling with an emphasis on transpersonal psychology. We believe that each individual is whole and complete, no matter what his or her presenting issues are. Our job, then, is to assist the client in re-discovering innate wholeness. By non-judgmental exploration of outdated beliefs and behaviors, the client becomes empowered to choose alternative beliefs and behaviors. Once choice is truly an option, the possibility of a life authentically lived is within reach.

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