~ Santa Fe Sage Vision

At the Santa Fe Sage Counseling Center, we blend traditional and alternative psychotherapy practices to offer professional and creative counseling for all our clients. Our comfortable, private offices and well-trained staff encourage personal growth and healing using a variety of modalities.

Our vision as therapists is to provide excellent counseling with an emphasis on transpersonal psychology. We believe that each individual is whole and complete, no matter the presenting issues. Our job, then, is to assist the client in re-discovering innate wholeness.

We believe that each individual is whole and complete...

By non-judgmental exploration of outdated beliefs and behaviors, the client becomes empowered to choose alternative beliefs and behaviors. Once choice is truly an option, the possibility of a life authentically lived is within reach.

Our goal with clients is two-fold: first, we address presenting issues by implementing innovative, experiential methodologies; and second, we assist in discovering the client's highest potential so transformation is real and lasting.